Practicing the presence of God


Prayer is central in our mission of helping lead unchurched people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We seek to develop a culture of prayer because we are partnering with Jesus in his mission to reach the lost and renew the broken, and this can only be done in close community with God.

Prayer Requests

Submit a prayer request and let us know how we can be actively praying for you.

Prayer Stories

We want to know how prayer is impacting your life and the lives of those around you.

Prayer Grid: Create a Rhythm of Prayer

Prayer is a crucial rhythm in the life of a fully devoted believer, but we know that finding a rhythm of prayer can be difficult to establish in the busyness of life. Our hope is to equip you with a helpful tool we’ve created called the Prayer Grid. This is a 4-week, church-wide initiative designed to provide opportunities to serve the local church through prayer and to celebrate the power of prayer.

Sign up now to dedicate times in your week to pray with us, and we will provide helpful and formational resources for you to use during those times of prayer. The prayer grid begins August 30th and will end September 27th.


Looking to grow in your prayer life?

Prayer Gatherings

Join us for a regular, short gatherings dedicated to prayer. These opportunities are available at each of our campuses in the auditorium after each service.