Clear Creek Community Church



Note: Upcoming services with baptisms are at the bottom of this page along with the campus forms.

We believe that baptism is biblically ordained; meaning, God designed baptism to be practiced in his church. This is the first public way of communicating one's personal choice to become a follower of Jesus. We want to publicly celebrate those who have come to faith in Jesus and choose to be obedient in baptism.

If you are an ADULT and are interested in getting baptized, here are your next steps (all children should contact either Student Ministry or Children's Ministry): 

  1. Watch this 25-minute video on what the Bible says about baptism:

2.  Once you've watched the video, click on your campus below and fill out the form. Someone from the baptism team will contact you to set up a meeting where you will:

  • Be able to get answers to any remaining questions you have about what the Bible says about baptism.
  • Walk through the commitments required for baptism at CCCC.
  • Briefly share your story of coming to faith.


Church on Wednesday (Next Baptism: Feb. 13; June 12; Oct. 9)

Clear Lake Campus (Scheduled as needed)

East 96 Campus (Next Baptisms: Feb. 10, April 14, & June 16)

Egret Bay Campus (Next Baptisms: Gatherings: Feb. 7, March 7; Sunday: April 7)

West Campus (Next Baptisms: Feb. 10, April 7, & June 16)