Disaster Response


We invite you to join us as we pray for our community and the greater Houston area.


  • Pray for their feelings of hopelessness, stress, anxiety, and being overwhelmed
  • Pray that God would provide a safe place to stay while they are displaced from their homes
  • Pray for parents as they try to manage and protect kids while dealing with all the trauma that accompanies this disaster
  • Pray that their faith would be strengthened and not weakened; that the Holy Spirit would bolster their faith in the midst of this disaster
  • Pray for safe, reliable transportation to work and places they need to go


  • Pray for good and honest contractors to work with victims during rebuilding
  • Pray for efficient and honorable insurance companies and adjusters
  • Pray for wisdom and endurance for community leaders (first responders, government officials, nonprofit leaders, etc.)
  • Pray for useful, reliable, and skilled out of town/state helpers
  • Pray for schools and teachers as they try to help students focus and return to the new school year that was interrupted
  • Pray for doctors and hospitals who are trying to serve patients with potentially limited resources and road access
  • Pray that the cleanup time is surprisingly faster than expected because of all the people helping


  • Pray for clarity and strategic organization for CCCC leaders as they manage volunteers and prioritize needs
  • Pray for discernment, proactivity, and sensitivity by CCCC people with hurricane victims
  • Pray for safety for victims and volunteers as they clear out hazardous areas
  • Pray that “survivor’s guilt” doesn’t paralyze people who can be using the blessing of not flooding to focus on helping others
  • Pray God uses this catastrophe to show up big and change hearts through his people
  • Pray for stress and complications that come from housing/helping displaced friends and family