If the adults and students who are currently part of this church cast hope to someone one time a week, over the next five years, we will cast hope 1,000,000 times!

A cast is the same as the ways we B.L.E.S.S. our Top 5 and other people in our lives (Be prayerful, Listen, Eat, Serve, Story). Imagine if we make this a way of life!

Identify and BLESS your Top 5

Every time we take people on foreign soil in the name of Jesus to serve our global partners, it gives hope to those who often live and serve Jesus in obscurity. It’s life changing in that it gives us relationships with people around the world and grows our hearts for people outside our everyday lives.

Interested in Going Global?

We want to create a culture where 100% engagement with Jesus and his mission is the natural way to think and live. We’re boldly calling people to love, serve, and connect with others the same way Jesus did.

Go Local

Join local partners in bringing the gospel to our community.

Small Group

Cultivate relationships and study God’s word together.


Use your skills and talents for others and take part in making services happen.


Give toward the mission so that others will experience the love and hope of Jesus.

With Houston Church Planting Network (HCPN) and our other church planting partnerships, we will start new churches in Greater Houston and start new campuses that are in close proximity to the people we are trying to reach.

Interested in church planting work? Contact Chad Clarkson [email protected]

You can surrender your will. You can surrender your heart. But you’re the only one who can. The more surrendered we are to the rule of Jesus, the more hope we will have in our lives, for us and for others.

Therefore, we must immerse ourselves in our gospel identities and be reminded of who God is, what he’s done for us in Christ, and what we’re invited to be a part of.

We’ve identified and provided resources for 8 practices that will help you grow in full devotion to Jesus.