Clear Creek Community Church

Parental Guidance


It feels like such a short amount of time. Your kids are here and then, the next thing you know they’re out of the house making a life of their own. Then the question comes, “Did I prepare them well and give them what they need to know to grow into healthy, faithful adults?” In Parental Guidance, the CCCC Teaching Team will share five critical lessons followers of Jesus need to impart to their children. It’s the stuff that faithful parents pass on to their kids in the hopes that when they do leave home that fateful day, they do so having learned lessons that will serve them all their life.

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
Cut The Strings
Yancey Arrington 09-08-19
You Can't Do This Alone
Ryan Lehtinen 09-01-19
Feed and Guard
Yancey Arrington 08-25-19
Life is not Fair
Ryan Lehtinen 08-18-19
You Can't Please Everyone
Yancey Arrington 08-11-19