Clear Creek Community Church

Justice & Mercy: Bold Love in a Broken World


The most vulnerable and marginalized people in our society pay higher prices, face more injustices and are victimized more often than wealthier people. Why? Is it because there are a few bad apples among us who oppress others? Or are the problems of injustice more systemic? Did we contribute to this injustice?

In the new series, Justice & Mercy, the teaching team will show how God calls his people to show bold love in a broken world. So for everyone who wondered if we could make a real difference in the darkness of this world, get ready for some practical help that will restore your hope for Justice & Mercy in the world.

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
The Means of Justice and Mercy
Yancey Arrington 11-20-16
Doing Justice and Mercy
Bruce Wesley 11-13-16
The Motivation of Justice and Mercy
Yancey Arrington 11-06-16
A Vision for Justice & Mercy
Bruce Wesley 10-30-16