Clear Creek Community Church

Jesus B.C.


B.C. – Before Christ. Time in the modern world is ordered by the number of years since the birth of Jesus. We often talk about how the arrival of Jesus changed everything. But what if there’s more to Jesus’ story than what started 2,000 years ago? What if exploring the stories of the Old Testament could reveal more about Jesus and change the way we follow him today? In the series Jesus BC, the pastors of CCCC will examine the stories of the Old Testament and the ways they anticipate the Christ.

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
Jesus Is Our Redeemer
Greg Poore 08-05-18
Jesus Is Our Substitute
Ryan Lehtinen 07-29-18
Jesus Is the Bread of Life
Greg Poore 07-22-18
Jesus Is Our King
Ryan Lehtinen 07-15-18
Jesus Is Our Priest
Greg Poore 07-08-18
Jesus Is Our God
Ryan Lehtinen 07-01-18