Clear Creek Community Church

ENJOY: Being Worldly in the Right Way


There’s a tension in the life of followers of Jesus: How much can a Christian enjoy of what the world offers without becoming worldly? We know that the Bible warns believers of the soul-shrinking trap of worldliness, but does that mean to be faithful to Jesus requires a rejection of anything and everything we see others around us enjoying? In the series ENJOY, the CCCC Teaching Team will chart a path through the Scriptures to discover how followers of Jesus can avoid worldliness while still enjoying the good things of a world God created. Join us for this new series starting Jan. 7.

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
Enjoy Rest
Yancey Arrington 02-11-18
Enjoy Work
Greg Poore 02-04-18
Enjoy Friendship
Yancey Arrington 01-28-18
Enjoy Creation
Bruce Wesley 01-21-18
Enjoy Culture
Yancey Arrington 01-14-18
Fullness of Joy
Bruce Wesley 01-07-18