Clear Creek Community Church

Don't Waste Your Hurricane


Hurricane Harvey. What the rest of the world will regard as one of, if not the greatest national natural disaster ever to ever strike the United States, we will see differently. For us of the Bay Area, it’s personal. It wasn’t about someone else’s tragedy but ours. Television images showed our homes, possessions, and lives at stake as the waters rose around us. Now that those destructive waters have subsided what do we do? Where do we go from here? Not just physically and emotionally, but spiritually? What does God have to say about this? Where is the hope and help in such tragic times? In Don’t Waste Your Hurricane, the CCCC Teaching Team will share some of the most important messages for followers of Jesus to hear in such a time as this – where hope and help can be found – so that we might deeply know that while Harvey has moved on, God has not. Please join us for one of the timeliest series we have ever taught at CCCC.

Harvey Disaster Relief:

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
Hurricane Harvey: Neighbor Lessons
Bruce Wesley 10-01-17
Hurricane Harvey: Seeing Clearly in Tough Times
Yancey Arrington 09-24-17
Hurricane Harvey: When Trouble Comes
Bruce Wesley 09-17-17
Hurricane Harvey: Suffering and Sovereignty
Yancey Arrington 09-10-17
Hurricane Harvey: Don't Waste Your Hurricane
Bruce Wesley 09-03-17