Clear Creek Community Church

Citizens: Living in a Counter Kingdom, a study of Matthew 5-7


New Message Series Starting April 28th at Egret Bay Campus, May 1 at Church on Wednesday, and May 5th at all other campuses.

Everyone is a citizen of somewhere. Followers of Jesus are no different. They are citizens not only of their respective countries but, more importantly, are citizens of God’s kingdom. And, like any kind of kingdom, there are expected ways for citizens to live – ways that demonstrate the character and values of the kingdom and show others why this specific kingdom would be worth considering to be a part of. In Citizen: Living in a Counter-Kingdom, the CCCC Teaching Team will look at Jesus’ kingdom manifesto found in Matthew 5-7, better known as the Sermon on the Mount which shows followers of Jesus exactly how the kingdom of God is lived-out in real time.

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
The Citizens' Commitment
Ryan Lehtinen 07-07-19
The Citizens' Awareness
Greg Poore 06-30-19
The Citizens' Petition
Ryan Lehtinen 06-23-19
The Citizens' Relationships
Bruce Wesley 06-16-19
The Citizens' Peace
Yancey Arrington 06-09-19
The Citizens' Treasures
Bruce Wesley 06-02-19
The Citizens' Religion
Ryan Lehtinen 05-26-19
The Citizens' Righteousness, Part 2
Bruce Wesley 05-19-19
The Citizens' Righteousness, Part 1
Yancey Arrington 05-12-19
The Citizens' Ambition
Greg Poore 05-05-19
The Citizen's Character
Bruce Wesley 04-28-19