Clear Creek Community Church



God loved us first. He loved us before we did anything that might make us lovable! That’s Bold Love. Additionally, the kind of love God showed to us is the kind of love he wants us to show to others. What if local churches determined to show God’s Bold Love inside and outside the church? What if people like you showed God’s Bold Love to people you know and people you don’t? It might just cause a revolution! Are you up for it! The Bold Love message series includes six message that were delivered during the fifth commitment campaign in the history of Clear Creek Community Church.

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
Bruce Wesley 02-25-18
Bold Love Commits
Bruce Wesley 05-21-17
Bold Love Serves
Ryan Lehtinen 05-10-17
Bold Love Gives
Yancey Arrington 05-07-17
Bold Love Engages
Ryan Lehtinen 04-26-17
Bold Love Receives
Bruce Wesley 04-19-17