Clear Creek Community Church

A Study of Romans: The Faithfulness of God


Promises. Promises. Promises. We all make them but do we all keep them? What about God and the promises he makes? For example, when he promises to save someone does that mean he will keep that promise all the way to the end? How can we be sure God’s promise to save is secure? In the latest series, The Faithfulness of God, the CCCC Teaching Team will look at what Romans 9-11 tells us about God’s promise to save his people. You might be surprised, amazed, and even overwhelmed to discover what he does to keep that promise.

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
The People of God
Aaron Lutz 07-23-17
I Can't
Greg Poore 07-16-17
The Faithfulness of God and Sovereign Choice
Yancey Arrington 07-09-17