Clear Creek Community Church

A Study of Romans: God's Great Gift


Some attempt to live by good works. Others believe embracing religious practices or attending a place of worship is the path to take. Still there are those who think it really doesn’t matter the course one takes in the end, everybody goes to heaven. What’s the answer? What is God’s plan for getting right with him? Is it by what we do or don’t do? Do we need to be religious or just good? What does God want from us? In our newest series God’s Great Gift, the teaching team will study Romans 3:21-5:21 to hear and explain the answer God gives concerning salvation – Is it what he demands from us or what he is willing to give?

Sermons From This Series Speaker Date Downloads Actions
Escaping the Cycle
Ryan Lehtinen 04-09-17
Resting in God's Gift
Yancey Arrington 04-02-17
Why the Cross?
Bruce Wesley 03-26-17