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Theology Training

Theology Training

Developing Leaders to Lead from a Gospel Perspective with Character, Conviction and Competence

Want to know your faith in a deeper, meaningful way? Be a part of Systematic Theology where, for two hours every Thursday morning over an eight-month span, we will learn about the major doctrines of the Christian faith. This isn’t your grandmother’s Sunday School but a reading-intense, discussion-driven learning experience with fellow peers. The study will conclude with applications to ‘real world’ issues facing today’s followers of Jesus. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow in ways you may never have grown before. All you need is to grab a copy of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology and be ready to read.

THEOLOGY101: Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem |

Yancey Arrington | Teaching Pastor

B.A. in Religion, Baylor University
M.Div., Southwestern Seminary
D.Min., Covenant Theological Seminary

Yancey joined the CCCC staff in June 1998 as Teaching Pastor. He is author of Tap: Defeating the Sins that Defeat You. His doctoral work was in spiritual formation through Systematic Theology.