Clear Creek Community Church

Navigator In Training

Navigator In Training

Since the heart of community at CCCC is our small groups, we have a high value for our small group leaders, who we call Navigators. Navigators are comprised of a variety of men and women who are committed to helping our church become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ through the leading of small groups. They have chosen to help navigate the spiritual formation process empowered to do so by the elders of CCCC. 

If you are interested in becoming a navigator, please have you and/or your current navigator contact Rachel Fisher.

Navigator In Training | Training Course

Welcome! Once you've gone through the application process to become a navigator, you are now ready to begin the Navigator-In-Training Leadership Development Program.  If any time during this training you have questions, email us at

Basic Equipping Courses (required)

Spiritual Growth Equipping Courses (assigned based on assessment)

Once you have completed all assignments in the NIT Leadership Development Program, please email