28 Days of Prayer

Below you’ll find three daily rhythms you can practice that will help you prioritize the presence of God. Feel free to choose one or practice all three, but try your best to make a plan and commit to it for the next 28 days. Try it within the context of your small group, your family, or close group of friends, and let’s practice the presence of God together.


Pray through a Psalm

If the idea of praying through the scriptures seems foreign to you, don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. Psalms is the prayer book of the Bible, and for thousands of years people have learned to pray using the exemplary prayers found in it. Why? Because they are honest. They are raw. They inspire us to pour out our hearts to our Father, coming to him as we are, and learning to delight in him as he delights in us.

Daily Psalms


Pray for your Top 5

Take a few minutes to pray for your Top 5. Top 5 is language we use to describe people in our lives who are far from God, and who we hope to see reached with the Gospel. So, we will set an alarm that will go off every day to remind us to take a moment, choose someone on our Top 5, and then just pray for them. Asking God to draw their hearts to him, and then asking him to give us his heart for those people so we can love and serve them like he does.

Download the My Top Five app and find a list of scriptures and prayers to pray for those on your Top 5 list.


Prayer of Reflection

Take some time to pray a prayer of reflection. This is just a simple model of prayer that allows us to process the events of the day and connect with our Father before our heads hit the pillow each night and we wake up to a new day.

Recall the events of the day, processing the highs and the lows with God. Think through key events and emotions of your day and ask God to reveal his presence and activity.

Rejoice in the work God has done, thanking him for the Gospel and gratefully recalling moments of joy in your day. Thank God for his presence and for any blessings that come to mind.

Repent wherever you see words, thoughts, desires, actions, or attitudes in your life that don’t look like Jesus. Confess them and receive his grace. Ask for his Spirit to empower you.

Renew your heart and mind with hope as you consider tomorrow. Ask God for wisdom, strength, and boldness to live out the Gospel in every area of your life.

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