Clear Creek Community Church

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Small Groups meet?

Small Groups meet in people's homes throughout the area.

What kinds of small groups do you have?

Married Groups, Men Only Groups, Women Only Groups, & Mixed Groups (everyone is welcome). We also offer a group for those who have little to no knowledge of Jesus, the Gospel and Christianity which is known as Starting Point

When do small groups meet?

Groups meet all throughout the week on different days and times. We encourage all our small groups to attend together the Gatheringat their campus and break from having small group that week. Group should happen at a pace that is sustainable for its members.

What do small groups study?

Most of our small groups have a specific set of curriculum built around the Spiritual Growth Grid plus optional studies that Small Group Navigators can choose from. All groups are committed to the Spiritual Growth Grid philosophy.

What is GroupLink?

GroupLink is our primary connection event for getting people into groups. It occurs 3 times a year at each campus.

What happens at GroupLink?

You will have the opportunity to meet the Small Group Navigators and get a feel for which groups are a good fit for you. Then you will be able to sign up to join a group.

Can I be in a group with people who attend another campus?

Yes. We ask that you connect with people who attend the same campus you do. But if you cannot find a small group that is a fit at your campus, you may join one from another campus.

What if I would like to get connected before the next GroupLink?

We have found that serving is a great way to segue into community. You can get connected by volunteering through First Serve. Another option is to go to the Welcome Center at your campus and ask to speak to the Small Groups Champion. Each campus has a Small Groups Champion who can help you try to find a group between GroupLinks.