Clear Creek Community Church

Our Story

Our Story

Clear Creek Community Church started in 1993. Since that time, thousands of people have come to faith in Jesus and have been baptized here, and hundreds of those individuals have engaged in small groups helping them grow to full devotion to Jesus in the context of a caring community. The weekly service attendance now exceeds 4000 people and CCCC supports multiple campuses in the Bay Area and new churches both locally and around the world. We believe that there is more to come.

The Start

In 1992, a few families attending churches in the League City Area sensed God leading them to start a new kind of church. These entrepreneurial pioneers began to strategize, to pray together, and to seek a pastor to lead them in their mission to build a church where they felt confident bringing their unchurched friends.

They found that pastor, Bruce Wesley, who joining the group as their founding pastor in July 1993. Just before his 33rd birthday, Bruce, Susan and their girls moved to League City in August and the first service was held after twelve weeks of preparation.

Clear Creek Community Church started with a vision to lead unchurched people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. The first public service was held October 31, 1993 in the cafeteria of Ferguson Elementary School in the South Shore Harbour neighborhood of League City, Texas. One hundred and sixty-one people attended the first service.

Doing Life Together

The people in this new church were convinced that the best environment for people to grow spiritually was in a small group. The first five small groups were started in February 1994. In those groups, people grew deeper in their relationship with Jesus and in their relationships with one another. Stories abounded of people discovering the joy of doing life together in groups.

After 2 ½ years of meeting at Ferguson Elementary, the Sunday services were moved to League City Intermediate School, currently known as the Clear Creek Intermediate. CCCC met at the school from July 1996 until May 2002. Each week, CCCC was set up and torn down by a group of volunteers who worked for hours to turn a school into a church and then back into a school again. Today, we stand on the shoulders of dedicated volunteers that helped the church happen in a school for years.

The Search for Land

In 1996, a volunteer group with commercial real estate experience searched for land, but we had no money. On the church’s third anniversary, with the attendance approaching 400, we received an offering that would become our down payment on land. People pledged nearly $100,000. In August of 1997, CCCC purchased 69 acres of prime real estate on FM 270 (Egret Bay Blvd.) for just $500,000. The land appraised for $6,240,000. God had given CCCC an awesome opportunity for a prime location. The church pledged to give $700,000 over three years to pay for the land, but the land was paid off.

In 1998, CCCC added space for offices, mid-week worship and Student ministry for the weekend by leasing space in a strip center across the street from the Ninth Grade Center. The space was simply called The Annex. The Gathering, a mid-week worship service, began and flourished in the Annex. During this time, improvements were made that prepared the land for construction.

The First Building

In March of 2000, the church committed to a season of giving in order to collect enough money to build the first building. When the gifts and pledges were received, the church celebrated an outpouring of generosity. Less than 300 families committed to give a total of $2.8 million over a three-year period. The church’s amazing sacrifice allowed CCCC to build its first building and celebrate its first Sunday service in the current auditorium on May 12, 2002, 8 ½ years after the church started. In early 2003, a six-acre tract of land behind the new building was purchased with an existing house that became the church office.

The church experienced unprecedented growth during the first two years in the building. Within a year, a third service was added on Sundays. After two years, the auditorium was expanded and the preschool building was constructed.

Multiple programs began in the first three years in the building. The staff and elders determined the church was becoming something we never wanted to be: another big, program-oriented church. In the fall of 2005, in an effort to improve CCCC’s ability to make disciples, the staff led the church to make discipleship the focus of groups and to make groups the place we want everyone to be. The staff and elders spent the next eighteen months reassigning staff and training the group leaders we now call Navigators.

Becoming Multi Campus

By 2006, having ample space on Sundays had become an issue again. The elders considered options for expansion. One piece of information influenced to make a shift in the strategic direction of the church; research indicated that Clear Creek Community Church was three times more likely to help an attending family get connected if they lived on the east side of I-45. Based on this information, the elders determined that proximity was mission-critical for connecting people to Jesus. Ultimately, the elders determined to provide more space by becoming a multi-campus congregation in order to provide “empty seats at optimal inviting hours in close proximity to the people we are trying to reach with the message of Jesus.”

In January and February of 2007, the elders met with groups of people in the congregation to cast vision for a new version of Clear Creek Community Church. Later, our new direction was dubbed, “Clear Creek 2.0.” The new version of the church was to become a multiple campus congregation. Immediate plans included an expansion of the Egret Bay Campus and adding a West campus to meet temporarily at Clear Springs High School. The church entered into a commitment campaign for “Clear Creek 2.0” in April 2007. The commitment campaign focused on all the commitments that needed to grow in order to accomplish the vision of being a multi-campus church that leads unchurched people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

The results of the campaign included $4.8 million committed to be given over a two-year period. The first $500,000 committed was allocated to open the second campus and the remainder was allocated to build a new Elementary Children’s building.

West Campus Launch

On Christmas Eve in 2007, the new West Campus began meeting at Clear Springs High School. Two weekly Sunday services began at that new campus on January 6, 2008. Services were identical to the services at the Egret Bay Campus, but delayed by one week. The teaching was presented in High Definition Video, taped the previous Sunday at the Egret Bay Campus while all of the other service elements were live. In April, Chris Alston was named the West Campus Pastor. At the same time, Greg Poore was named the Campus Pastor of the Egret Bay campus.

Egret Bay Campus Grows

In July 2008, construction began on the new 22,000 square foot Elementary Children’s Building on the Egret Bay Campus. Hundreds of volunteers spent countless hours putting the final touches on the space, and on August 23, 2009, the first services were held in The Creek Kids Warehouse, a place where kids would be loved and hopefully come to know Jesus Christ as their “Forever Friend.”

Clear Lake Campus Launch

In 2010, we determined that the Clear Lake Area was a prime location for launching our third campus. Karl Garcia, our Small Group Director, was named the Clear Lake Campus Pastor in November. He quickly assembled a core team of 125 CCCC volunteers who lived in the Clear Lake Area to begin meeting together at the Egret Bay Campus as they prepared for the launch at Clear Lake High School. The campus held its first service in October 2011 and celebrated their launch publically in January 2012.

Sundays on Wednesdays

In September 2012, we identified an opportunity to reach people in our community who were not able to attend church on Sundays. Teaching Pastor, Yancey Arrington was appointed to lead a team of volunteers to plan the launch of a new Wednesday Night service at the Egret Bay Campus with the same messages, music and kids’ ministries as Sunday mornings.

This is just a brief summary of what has taken place since 1993 at Clear Creek Community Church. It’s exciting that God is working in the lives of people right here. We have been able to celebrate story after story of how Jesus Christ changes lives. We live in community with people who have experienced forgiveness and restoration, many of whom, now, invest deeply in the mission of CCCC. Each week since the first Sunday service in 1993, volunteers have led the way by serving in a multitude of ways to provide weekly services, leading ministries and by leading small groups.

We are amazed at God’s goodness and how he allows us to be involved in what he is doing. We hope this brief history will help you connect to a story that is bigger than all of us and challenge you to ask God what your place in this story might be.