Clear Creek Community Church

Who We Are

Who We Are

Clear Creek Community Church is a community on a mission. It’s not just any community. And it’s not just any mission. Both of these center on the good news (or gospel) of what Jesus has done and the truth that following Him changes us in real and lasting ways. We are exploring and continually discovering that there is more to life when following Jesus Christ.

The head of Clear Creek Community Church is Jesus Christ. We seek to reflect the gospel and priorities of Jesus in all we do. No decision is ever made that would knowingly contradict his teaching.

On a day-to-day level, we are structured as follows:

Volunteer | Operated

Almost everything that happens at Clear Creek Community Church is done through volunteers who invest time and energy to make our services and ministries possible. We share the job and joys of sharing the gospel of Jesus and making a difference in our community by contributing our talents to the church in a serving role. Visit the Serving section to learn more about volunteering at your campus.

Navigator | Discipled

Our small group leaders (known as Navigators) are crucial to who we are as a community. They are the backbone of our structure, helping the people in their groups to explore and discover what it means to follow Jesus every day. Visit the Small Groups section to learn more about getting connected into group.

Staff | Led 

Our staff members provide opportunity, equipping, encouragement, and support to people who serve God by doing all the things that need to be done to execute our strategy and accomplish the mission. They are held responsible for their faithful adherence to and execution of the doctrine (or beliefs) and direction of the elders. Visit our Staff page to learn about the ministry leaders of CCCC.

Elder | Overseen

The elders are the highest level of authority in the local church (cf., Ac. 14:23, Heb. 13:17, Titus 1:5) and are ultimately responsible for the doctrine, direction and discipline of Clear Creek Community Church. Visit our Staff page to learn about the leadership of CCCC.