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GO Local Partners are ministries and organizations that partner with CCCC in providing missional opportunities in the 4B area. For each GO Local Partner, we have designated a GO Advocate. A GO Advocate is a CCCC volunteer who serves as a liaison between CCCC and our strategic GO Local partners in providing individuals, groups, and campuses with missional opportunities around the 4B area.

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In local missions, we will seek to partner with local ministries and organizations that embody the spirit of Matt 25:35-36, Isaiah 61:1, James 1:27 & Acts 1:8.

 • Crisis Response - to respond to the urgent and practical needs in our community (Matt 25:35-36)

 • Compassion for the Hurting - to serve the poor, broken and marginalized in our community (Isaiah 61:1, James 1:27)

 • Children at Risk - to care for vulnerable children in our community in tangible ways (Isaiah 61:1, James 1:27)

 • Community Transformation - to see our local community changed by the gospel through gospel-centered service and evangelism (Acts 1:8)