Clear Creek Community Church


We believe that a funeral or memorial service is a time to honor the memory of your loved one, while we also glorify Jesus Christ. Our desire is to provide a meaningful service that reflects who your loved one was, comforts your family and friends, and encourages worship of Jesus Christ. CCCC facilities are available for funerals performed by a CCCC pastor, although availability is limited and changes frequently. The facilities fee is $250.

CCCC Member Funerals

A pastor of CCCC will perform funerals for any CCCC member, or immediate family member (spouse or child) of a member of CCCC.

Non-Member Funerals

Requests for funeral services from non-members of CCCC will be solely at the discretion of CCCC based on the relationship of the deceased to CCCC and the availability of a pastor to perform the service.

To talk to someone about a funeral or memorial service, please email Carol Bertsche or call her at 281-338-5433.

Memorial & Funeral Information Packet