COVID-19 Updates and Response


Clear Creek Community Church will follow a phased plan of reopening the church for in-person gatherings. A general description of each phase is below. In each phase we will Love Our Neighbors, comply with governing authorities, and seek to fulfill our mission of leading unchurched people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Please check back regularly for updates, and follow us on social media platforms.




Online Services
Effective: March 12, 2020

  • Online worship services
  • Online small groups
  • Campus Facebook groups
  • Weekly updates through Wednesdays @ Home


Small Groups
Effective: May 21, 2020

  • Everything from Phase 1
  • Small groups of 10 or less may meet in person, indoors or outdoors, using recommended guidelines.
  • Groups of more than 10 may meet in person outdoors only using recommended guidelines.


Medium Groups
Effective: August 24, 2020

  • Everything from Phase 2
  • Mid-size groups may meet in person, indoors or outdoors, for watch parties, campus activities, classes, etc., using recommended guidelines.


In-Person Worship
Effective: October 11

  • Everything from Phase 3
  • In-person Family worship services will begin with restrictions

    • Online registration and at the door check-in
    • Self-assessment of your health
    • Wear a mask
    • Practice social distancing
    • No Children ministries at this time (targeting Nov 1 to reopen Children ministries)


New Normal
Effective: TBD

  • Everything from Phase 4
  • Online worship services and small groups will continue as part of our new normal.
  • Worship services and ministry activities will resume without restrictions as we are able to provide safe environments that are conducive to a worshipful response to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We’re so excited to resume meeting together for worship! For the comfort and safety of everyone, we’re asking all who plan to attend to assess their own health and the health of their family before coming, and to follow all CDC-recommended guidelines while we’re together.

Self-Screening Assessment

Prior to attending any in-person events at CCCC, please confirm the following:

Have not tested positive

Within the past 10 days, you or anyone in your party have not tested positive for COVID-19 or suspect you have COVID-19.

No Known Exposure

Within the last 14 days you or anyone in your party have not had close contact with someone who tested positive for/or is suspected to have COVID-19.

No symptoms

You or anyone in your home have not recently experienced any of the following new or worsening symptoms, not associated with pre-existing or chronic medical condition: Fever, cough, shortness of breath, nausea or vomiting, sore throat, diarrhea, chills, headaches, loss of taste or smell, congestion or runny nose.  

Safety Guidelines

Please be prepared to adhere to the following:

Social Distance

Wear Masks

Wash Hands Often

No Contact

How Clear Creek is worshiping during this time

We are meeting online. Join us on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. on Facebook as we premier our weekly service. The service includes a time of worship through music, as well as gospel-centered teaching, and prayer. You can also view the service on our YouTube channel or at clearcreekresources.org. Age-specific content and activities are also being offered for Students  and Children. 

What Clear Creek is doing in response to COVID-19

We are adapting our ministries to make them available during COVID-19. We offer worship services online. Small groups  and classes continue to gather digitally through tools like Zoom, Facetime, and Skype. We are regularly posting articles, podcasts, videos, and stories at clearcreekresources.org  for encouragement and spiritual growth. Additionally, we’re continuing to support our Go Local partners  and Care & Support ministry to meet the physical and emotional needs of both our congregation and people in our community. 

What you can do to help

Encouragement is contagious. Although we can’t meet in physical places, share meals, or give hugs, that doesn’t mean we can’t still care for each other and our community. No matter the circumstances, our mission to lead unchurched people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ never stops. So you can join us in this endeavor by continuing to love your neighbors, lead your families, and encourage one another. You can stay engaged in the ways mentioned on this page. You can support our Go Local partners  and  also support the work we’re doing by continuing to give at clearcreek.org/giveonline.